COE 2001 - Statics

  • Elements of statics in two and three dimensions, free-body diagrams, distributed loads, centroids, and friction. 2.000 Credit Hours and 2.000 Lecture Hours


ME 2110 - Creative Decision and Design

  • To learn fundamental techniques for creating, analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing design solutions to open- ended problems with flexibility, adaptability, and creativity through team and individual efforts. 3.000 Credit Hours (Lecture and Lab)


ME 3210 - Design, Materials, and Manufacturing

  • The interrelated aspects of product design, materials selection, processing, and cost are introduced. 3.000 Credit Hours (Lecture)


ME 4825 - Introduction to Fuel Cell Systems

  • Fuel cell systems are explained and analyzed, including single cell and stacks, balance-of-plat fundamentals, with emphasis upon prevalent fuel cell types and their applications. 3.000 Credit Hours (Lecture)


ME 8803 - Manufacturing and Assembly of Energy Systems

  • This course will emphasize how design for X is used to develop products and systems, particularly emerging energy systems. 3.000 Credit Hours (Lecture)